“Here’s what sold it for me: Everyone in the place was excited to see me. Everyone from one of the fittest humans I have ever seen, to others looking like me were thrilled to see me, meet me, and encourage me. I came to CrossFit for the workout, I’ve stayed at Mt Washington CrossFit for the community……My only regret is not doing CrossFit from the start. I’m not special. I’m just a middle aged guy with a family. If I can do this so can you.” -Mike

“I started Crossfit about two years ago. I was never a sports player, never a runner and I hated gym class growing up. As an adult, I’ve always tried to be healthy. I’ve done pilates, yoga, kickboxing, Beachbody and spin classes but I always had a hard time sticking to a routine and never really quite felt like I belonged. A friend joined Crossfit and convinced me to go. I was so scared going to my first class. I was scared of a group workout, I was scared of running, I was scared of it all. I signed up for the unlimited membership after ONE class. I walked out feeling empowered, feeling strong and feeling part of a community. In MWCF, I felt that I could reach goals I didn’t even know were possible. The feeling of stepping up to a barbell is still one of my favorite feelings. Get this, I even run. I went from avoiding working out to trying to schedule it into my busy life and I look forward to it. The coaches make sure you’re safe, encourage you and push you. The community motivates you, cheers you on and welcomes you. MWCF has changed my life.” -Shanna

“I came to Mt. Washington Crossfit very tentatively and nervous. I’m a larger athlete, and I had a long way to go when I walked through those doors. Shortly over the first month, I found myself pushing myself in ways I hadn’t imagined. While the initial goal was weight loss, Mt. Washington Crossfit means so much more to me now. They are my family and I miss them when I can’t make it to the gym for whatever reason. I’ve made strength gains, and my technique has improved greatly. All the instructors are passionate and push you when you need it. Even if you don’t think you can achieve something, their belief in you makes you want to achieve it and their faith in you (and watchful eye) gives you the confidence to achieve that. At Mt. Washington Crossfit I’ve found a competitive side of myself, new strength, and a community that has become a second family.” -Emily