I haven't been to the gym in a while. Will the workouts be too challenging?
Mt. Washington’s classes are infinitely scalable, which means they can be tailored to athletes at any level of fitness. Whether you are an ex-collegiate athlete or a Grandma, you'll be able to complete 100% of any of our classes. Also, our coaches will demo the scaled versions of every movement before the workout. If you have any other questions, just ask—our coaches are happy to help. 

What is your drop-in policy?
We love visitors! Drop in to one of our classes on our schedule for just $20. $25 if you would like a Mt. Washington t-shirt. You can see our class schedule HERE, and shoot us an email to give us a heads-up that you’ll be stopping by.

Do you offer Open Gym?
Yes! Open gym is offered from 5:15-5:54pm pm Monday - Thursdays. Open gym is not a coach directed time, so we ask that individuals have an unlimited membership. When you arrive, check in at the Front Desk, and let them know that you will be using the box. 

Where Can I find today's WOD?
On the monitors in the box when you check-in, on the whiteboard or through the Wodify App on your phone if you have a membership. If you are concerned about performing certain movements, our coaches are prepared to assist you with modifications as necessary. 

I have an injury. Can I still do your workouts?
Absolutely! All our coaches are prepared to scale or modify workouts to accommodate injuries as well as athletes of all ability and fitness levels. We encourage you to notify your coach about the details of your injury at the beginning of class so they can recommend necessary adjustments. If you should need the assistance of a specialist we are happy to recommend a trusted professional to help you in a speedy recovery!