Nancy Soucy

Nancy and Jay own Evergreen Sports Center and are both CrossFit L1 coaches and gymnastics coaches. Nancy is originally from Methuen, MA but lives in Bath, NH now. Nancy has been doing CrossFit for over four years now, she joined because she wanted to get healthy. She left her first class saying “ouch” but she’s stayed because of the people and because of the progress she’s made. Outside of CrossFit, you can find Nancy spending time with her family, swimming and baking.

Prior to CrossFit, Nancy would get her exercise running and spinning, the weightlifting part was new to her. Her friends and family may think she’s crazy for doing CrossFit but a few of them work out right next to her every morning! If someone is considering CrossFit, Nancy tells them “Yes, do it! It will change your life.” CrossFit has allowed Nancy to physically do just about anything.

For a pre-workout, Nancy may be seen enjoying a protein bar and eggs as a post workout. That’s the nice thing about the 5:45 am class, you get out and can have a protein packed egg breakfast before you start the rest of your day. Her favorite go-to healthy recipe is chili and her favorite food weakness is chocolate and chocolate and more chocolate. (I don’t think she’s alone on this one).

Nancy started coaching CrossFit because she LOVES it and has been doing so for about four years. Her favorite part about coaching is teaching beginners and watching them fall in love with CrossFit too. At the end of class, she wants her athletes feeling like they got a great workout.

The one piece of advice Nancy gives all of her CrossFitters, beginners and seasoned athletes alike, is to be patient.