Matt was born and raised in the area and lives in Littleton. If you’ve been to Evergreen Sports Center before, you’ve probably seen Matt as he’s the Business Manager, he decided to join us as a CrossFit L1 trainer about a year ago and got his Weightlifting Certification. Matt loves the fitness industry and enjoys seeing people transform themselves into fitter and healthier beings. When he’s not working or at CrossFit, he’s spending time with son, who loves watching Dad work out and all the attention he gets when he gets to come to the gym (he’s 9 months old now).

Matt joined CrossFit because everyone kept asking him when he was going to join, particularly Jay. Almost every day, Jay would ask Matt when he was going to stop being scared and get a real workout in. In the end, Jay won and Matt is never leaving, so really - they both won! After his first class, he felt proud but realized how much everyone who had been doing CrossFit kicked his butt. He’s stayed at CrossFit because he loves the programming and the community at MWCF, he’s also pretty competitive. He likes that it exposes his weaknesses so that he can get better at them! His favorite thing about CrossFit is the camaraderie and respect that everyone has for each other. Whether you’re first or last to finish, everyone wants to kick ass in every workout.

Pre-CrossFit, Matt could be found working out in the gym and playing in different sports leagues. He loves hiking and used to do landscaping to stay active too. Having a baby makes a set workout schedule tough, but that doesn’t stop Matt. You can find him doing the WOD outside of class, no matter what time he’s working out, he’s usually trying to beat Josh’s time, weight or reps. There’s a little bit of healthy competition running between the two of them! The biggest thing he’s learned from CrossFit is threshold training and finding that balance during a workout between technique and intensity. When he first joined CrossFit, it was always go, go, go while compromising form too often. As a coach, this is an important thing to recognize in your athletes and in yourself.

Before a workout, you can find Matt eating some peanut butter toast with a bit of jelly . After a workout he keeps it classic with a protein shake shortly after followed by a solid meal when he gets home. One of his favorite healthy and clean recipes is stuffed peppers with lean ground turkey, you can do so many different things with it! Everyday is a constant mental battle with things like ice cream, pizza and donuts - coaches have cravings too! Matt’s go to supplements are BCAA’s, fish oil, and a lean protein powder to help him reach his daily protein intake.

Matt decided to become a coach because he wanted to learn more about the CrossFit movements and the science behind it all, while finding another way to help athletes achieve their goals. His favorite part about coaching is making an adjustment to someone's form and watching the movement suddenly click for them. His favorite movement to coach is clean and jerks, also one of his favorite movements and heaviest goals.

The biggest challenge with coaching is convincing athletes to cut back on their intensity or load when their form is suffering. As an athlete, everyone can benefit from backing off on weight and focusing on form but it’s hard when you’re stubborn or competitive. At the end of the day, Matt wants his athletes going home thinking they worked their asses off and gave the workout everything they had. He wants them to be proud of what they accomplished and to be thinking ahead about what they’re going to eat. After all, eat to perform.

Matt is an energetic CrossFit L1 trainer who is going to push you just enough to keep improving! CrossFit has impacted his life by making him want to improve others lives and help them achieve a better quality of life. If he could give athletes one piece of advice, it would be to take advantage of your coaches knowledge and pick their brains. The coaches all want to be challenged with questions!

Matt’s friends and family have either drank the Kool Aid and are right on board with him at CrossFit or they think he’s crazy and overly obsessed with CrossFit- those are the ones who haven't tried it yet. If someone was considering CrossFit, Matt would tell them to do a couple classes at no charge and then come back and tell him it wasn't one of the most amazing and euphoric fitness experiences they’ve ever had. He’s still waiting for someone to tell him CrossFit wasn't for them after trying it. It is for everyone! Especially for those who think they need to get in shape before joining.