Meet Coach Leah Holz

Meet Leah. Leah is the newest addition to the Mount Washington CrossFit Coaching Team having just gotten her CF-L1 and Weightlifting certifications and we’re so excited to have her. Leah’s been doing CrossFit for about 3 years and is a regular at the 5:45am class all along the way. Originally from Whitefield and now living in Bethlehem, she’s a familiar face, especially with her role as an elementary school principal.

We asked Leah to tell us a little bit about herself and no one else can say it better….”I have three big dogs who all sleep under the covers.  I love everyone who makes me laugh. My favorite food is caffeine. I am happiest at the ocean in the sunshine.” One thing you may not know about Leah is that she competed in her first Strongman competition in June 2018.

A friend convinced Leah to try out a class with her and she was scared to death but instantly hooked. “The people were great, the sweating was great, and I could tell right away that I was going to unleash some totally untapped potential.” Her favorite thing about CrossFit is Gus, the 5:45am mascot dog (Nancy and Jay’s fur baby) but she’s stayed because “I am never bummed while I'm here.  I wake up in the morning excited to go to class every day, and I can't say that about too much else. Our community never stops growing and changing, and our athletes have become my best friends.”

Prior to CrossFit, Leah used to stay active doing everything from cardio kickboxing and zumba to all the Beachbody programs. It’s her least favorite thing and biggest mental and physical challenge now but believe it or not, she used to be a cross-country runner!

When not at CrossFit, Leah can be found with her flowers and dogs or hibernating through the winter. She loves travelling and has combined it with her career by studying the education system in Finland and how to travel with school groups in Panama.

Like most CrossFitters, Leah loves lifting heavy and deadlifts are her all time favorite, she just reached a new personal goal of 350 pounds! The biggest thing she’s learned is that your body is capable of so much more than you might think. 

Let’s talk nutrition. This ball of energy starts her day with a banana (and probably coffee- she can be found throwing down some killer dance moves first thing in the morning). After the workout, it’s followed up with a protein shake and almond milk and a second breakfast of overnight oats with fruit and peanut butter. Her biggest food weakness is sugar and it’s not allowed to live in her house. She can’t live without creatine in her protein shake, magnesium, multivitamin, fish oil (specifically krill) and Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (orange or tangerine). 

Her friends are all sweating next to her, so they think it's pretty rad that she does CrossFit. Her family thinks shes nuts but deep down she knows they think it's bada**. Leah decided to become a coach because she gets so much joy out of helping other athletes succeed, from the Open to regular classes, people sweating makes her happy!

Leah’s best piece of advice to current athletes: “Be patient.  Everything in Crossfit ebbs and flows - some weeks you'll feel like you're nailing PRs left and right and some weeks you'll have to scale everything.  You're doing it, and you can only get better from here.” 

If you’re considering CrossFit, “Do it! I tell everyone that.  (What's the first rule of Crossfit? Always talk about Crossfit.)  It is for EVERYONE. Everyone has to start somewhere.” Leah is now the healthiest and strongest she’s ever been and she’s committed to the lifestyle, habits and all the relationships that came along with it.