Josh is one of our three newest trainers and lives locally in Sugar Hill with his wife and two children. Josh and his family are all CrossFitters. Amber, a local gymnastics coach, was the person who convinced Josh to try CrossFit after she started a few months before him. It is also common to see their two kids sweating it out in the gym doing their own custom WODs. Outside of the box Josh is a local high school teacher and college professor in health and human performance. He is also the co-founder of a locally based 501c3 called The Batey Foundation which has been working over ten years to improve the living standards of the poorest people in the Caribbean basin.

Josh was drawn to CrossFit after his wife suggested he try it. She thought the competitive aspects of a ticking clock and the team feel would work well for him. Well, she was right. Watching Josh and fellow CrossFit coach Matt go head to head on WODs is a site to behold. Josh “drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid” the very first class and has never looked back. His favorite part? The results. CrossFit  makes you look good, feel good, and perform well across all aspects of life. When he is not in the box, Josh can be found mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, skiing and snowboarding with his family.

When asked what about CrossFit keeps him coming back and wanting to share with others Josh often states three things:

  • The suffering (in a good way) with others creates bonds you can't find anywhere else. The community aspect is incredible. It is counter intuitive to the classic ear budded gym rat who comes in late at night to struggle alone. People create camaraderie and accountability.

  • Second, CrossFit transforms you physically and mentally. It is amazing how quickly you can see/feel results in your body and mind. The sweat generated in the box has an uncanny ability to wash away all the negativity or struggles in your life.

  • Lastly he sees CrossFit as a way to combat the healthcare industry. Instead of waiting around to get sick and old, CrossFit's methodology can extend your life and more importantly what you are able to do with that life.

He experienced all of these at Mt. Washington CrossFit and it motivated his desire to become a coach. Josh usually works out in the afternoon classes and loves workouts with speed as the stimulus: The more intense, the better. He continues to struggle with Double Unders to this day but works on them weekly. He likes the music loud and the energy high.

Josh also loves talking nutrition. As the foundation of all fitness, Josh is always ready and willing talk to athletes about the importance of nutrition. His personal go-to pre-workout snack is nuts, seeds and berries after the workout he goes for caffeine and protein. His go to quick healthy meal is breakfast: sprouted wheat toast, chunky peanut butter, slices of banana and local honey drizzled on top. Muscle Milk Pro (Dark Chocolate) and Amino Acids are his favorite supplements.

Josh is an upbeat, energetic and encouraging CF-L1, Weightlifting Certification and Judge’s Course certified Coach. He strives to make sure that each and every athlete gets attention during his classes and loves seeing people succeed and overcome obstacles. He is a firm believer in fitness as state-of-mind.