Jay and his wife Nancy own Mount Washington CrossFit and Evergreen Sports Center. Jay lives in Bath, NH but is originally from Methuen, MA. When he’s not at the gym, you might see him working for the local landline telephone company. You may ask how he ended up here….20 years ago, he applied for a job in Littleton with the phone company, he may have thought it was Littleton, MA but the rest is history.

Jay has always loved coaching, from baseball and softball to gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting. Jay started gymnastics when he was 6 years old and trained and competed through to high school. “There is nothing more fulfilling than helping another overcome an obstacle, perfecting a movement, or learning a new trick or skill.” He may have ended up in Littleton, NH by accident, but it’s no accident that you see him at the gym every morning and that you see him coaching, even when he’s off the clock.

Jay has been CrossFitting for six years now. Before CrossFit, you could find him mowing the lawn to stay active, now you can find him cycling and mountain biking. His favorite pre-workout is coffee. Jay loves lifting with some Tool playing through the speakers. Throw in some pull ups or toes to bar and he’s a happy coach.

When asked what his favorite things about CrossFit are and what keeps him coming back everyday:

  1. The community.

  2. I love the constantly varied part of CrossFit. Every workout we do affects me physically and mentally in a different way.  This more than anything else keeps me improving and interested. Sometimes I look at a workout and I think, ooooo, I am going to crush that.  Then I start the workout and realize my body says, nah. Sometimes it's the opposite and I surprise myself.

If you’re considering CrossFit, here’s what Jay is going to tell you: “If you're scared, nervous, confused, embarrassed, we were too.  You need to communicate that with your coach. We understand because we have been there and half of this still scares us too.”

The biggest piece of advice he gives all of his athletes is: “You need to be patient.  Everyone has different backgrounds, body types, and gifts. Trust the process and express to me or another coach your frustrations when you are in a rut.  You are way better at all this stuff today then when you began. Your heart is healthier because of every class you come to. Your health and longevity is the mission, not the extra 20 pounds on your clean & jerk lift.”

CrossFit has radically changed Jay’s priorities in life, fitness is health. With over 30 years of coaching experience, Jay is certified in Gymnastics, CrossFit Level one, Weightlifting and CPR/AED with his eyes on some future certifications.